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We all are creatures who experience the life through our bodies. What we experience in life affects our bodies and the conditions of our bodies affect our lives which is called psychological and physiological harmony. During my Pilates journey, which I started on as a way to overcome the performance-reducing problems with my body as a professional athlete, I realized that I not only improved/strengthened and increased my performance but also gained a certain depth and flexibility.

The Direct Dynamic programme results in a minimum of 1 size reduction in at least

10 and at most 20 lessons in bodies with problem-free spines.

I created the Direct Dynamic® system as a result of my studies adhering to Joseph Pilates’ repertoire. Due to all of these life experiences, I thought of pilates equipment as an instrument in my training and, we can say, I made my own piece of music.

My aim is to achieve a much healthier posture in life, to improve the posture of our body with which we feel life, and to optimize our health and live a much better quality and enjoyable life.


Remember: “You should work to make it work. You should feel to make them feel”.

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