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She holds the 2nd level Pilates Coaching Certificate issued by the Turkish Gymnastics Federation. She received a Pedagogical Formation certificate from Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Education. She was the first Pilates instructor invited to the national team camps by the Turkish Sailing Federation to train young national athletes.


Deniz Demirasal, who still works from her studio in Alaçatı, gives seminars at universities/schools and at the same time shares her knowledge and experience on Pilates with her students.


All the windsurf races I participated in representing

Goztepe Sports Club proved to me that reaching the

target with maximum performance in the shortest time

brings success. My desire to achieve success took me on

a journey on the question of “How can I maximize the

performance of my body?”. My Pilates training has

always led me to success by supporting my windsurf



We all are creatures who experience the life

through our bodies. What we experience in life

affects our bodies and the conditions of our

bodies affect our lives which is called

psychological and physiological harmony.

During my Pilates journey, which I started on as

a way to overcome the performance-reducing

problems with my body as a professional athlete,

I realized that I not only improved/strengthened

and increased my performance but also gained

a certain depth and flexibility.


Deniz Demirasal still competes as an athlete of Göztepe Sports Club, representing our country in Turkey Windsurf Championship, IFCA Windsurf European Championship and PWA World Windsurf Championship.

In the pilates studio at Alaçatı Antmare Hotel,

He teaches pilates classes.

Spine health conference with Direct Dynamic in universities

and gives seminars.


Giving chamber music concerts with his clarinet

your bondalways keeps you warm.


The breathing techniques of playing the clarinet strengthen the deep core muscles while doing and teaching pilates.

gives you the opportunity to use it.


He continues to develop his own mind-body integrity by doing sports and Pilates training.

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